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The Last Town #2…

September 6, 2014 1 comment

Coming soon!

The Last Town #2: Preparing for the Dead

The Last Town #2: Preparing for the Dead


Galactic Dangerous Razor Wars: An Auto-Generated Plot

August 20, 2014 4 comments

Whilst goofing around on the innernets, I found a page that allowed me to enter in a number of key words and generate a story outline. As such, I present you with:

Galactic Dangerous Razor Wars
– a science fiction novel

by Stephen Knight

A long, long time ago in a dangerous, dangerous galaxy…

After leaving the ravaged planet Earth, a group of people fly toward a distant speck. The speck gradually resolves into a dirty space base.

Civil war strikes the galaxy, which is ruled by The Law, a snooty fairy capable of lust and even violence.

Terrified, an idyllic pixie known as Leona Eklund flees the Empire, with her protector, Scott Mulligan.

They head for Shanghai on the planet Klendathu. When they finally arrive, a fight breaks out. Mulligan uses his dangerous razor to defend Leona.

Mulligan and Pixie Leona decide it’s time to leave Klendathu and steal a SCEV to shoot their way out.

They encounter a tribe of old folk. Mulligan is attacked and the pixie is captured by the old folk and taken back to Shanghai.

Mulligan must fight to save Pixie Leona but when he accidentally unearths a violent sandwich, the entire future of the dangerous, ravaged galaxy is at stake.

It even gives reviews!

Praise for Galactic Dangerous Razor Wars

“I really, really, really hope that Mulligan saves Pixie Leona because I love this story soooooo much!”
– The Daily Tale

“A snooty fairy, a tribe of old folk and an idyllic pixie – haven’t we seen this before somewhere?”
– Enid Kibbler

I think this could work, with some help! Well…maybe not, but the violent sandwich part has potential.

All right, back to work for me…

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Coming Soon: THE FARM, A “Gathering Dead” Short Story

March 16, 2013 2 comments

The Farm
What happened to the troops after Gartrell was whisked out of New York City? Well, we find out about the remains of one unit as they try hard to get back to their home post, Fort Drum…

Wool, Baby, Wool!

January 26, 2012 11 comments

No, no…this isn’t a post about my favorite fetish. Besides which, I find wool is far too rough and itchy to hold against my bare skin.

But what this post is about is a super-cool science fiction short story I read on the train home last night, called WOOL. When Hugh Howey responded to my post about my 2011 earnings and cited his current take, of course my mercenary instincts kicked in and I checked out some of his stuff. I’ve only read WOOL so far, but my God, did this story knock my socks off.

If the rest of his works are of equal caliber, then this guy deserves every penny he gets. (And yeah, he gets a lot…the bastard.) I haven’t been this enamored of a science fiction story since my pal Derek Paterson showed me Adjustments in the early part of this century. (I’ve given up on badgering him to turn the story into a full-on novel, which is our collective loss.)

So if my recommendations mean anything to you, check out WOOL. I am pretty damn sure you’ll dig it, and for the price, you can’t really go wrong.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to writing the steamy McDaniels/Gartrell/Regina Safire shower scene.

The Cove

December 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Fred Anderson's The Cove

Check out my pal Fred Anderson’s latest, a short story called The Cove. This story reminded me very strongly of how good Stephen King was when he was still pounding out the shorts, most notably like those in his collection called Night Shift. Check it out…it’s only 99 cents for the moment, and Fred is every bit as good a storyteller as King was back in the day.

Though of course, Fred’s story has no zombies, attack helicopters unmasking from behind terrain and firing a volley of 70 millimeter rockets, and no nonommissioned officers named Gartrell, but hey…not every story can be everything to every reader. Or something like that.

Seriously, pick this one up right away. It’s well worth the price.