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Earthfall 2: The Mission Continues is now on sale for a mere 99¢, folks. So if you haven’t yet signed on with Andrews, Mulligan, Laird, Eklund and the rest for the next foray into the good ol’ US of A after a thermonuclear apocalypse, I’d recommend you get your ticket now! Come on, you’re at home cooped up with nowhere else to go, so why not spend it perfecting your social distancing technique while confined inside a Self-Contained Exploration Vehicle?

Clicky the link for goodness below.

In other news, I’ve tabled Single Tree, the sequel to The Last Town: A Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse in favor of another project which may be near and dear to your hearts: The Retreat 6. I’ve taken over the authorial duties on this one, and it’ll detail the 55th’s final encounter with the Klowns as the battalion (or what’s left of it) makes its way to Florida. Lots of maneuvers in this one, multiple fronts of action, and tons of mud will be moved by pretty much every piece of weaponry in the American arsenal as deployed by every branch of service. And a lot of those servicemembers are giggling while delivering payloads on target.

Some related news: RC Bray is putting the finishing touches on The Retreat 4: Alamo and will then start on The Retreat 5: Crucible. In November, he’ll commence recording the audiobook of These Dead Lands: Desolation, and if things hold up on my side, Scott Wolf and I should be knee deep in the next release of the These Dead Lands cycle, tentatively titled Desperation.

And lastly, my audio version of Left With The Dead should be released on/around April 7th. ACX is backed up after the holidays and, of course, our bestest pal corona virus.

All this aside…I hope and pray everyone out there is hale and hearty, and that you’re all doing what you need to in order to survive these troubling times. I’m here at my son’s house in Connecticut, loving hugging him…and my Mossberg 930. Take care of yourselves, people.