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He moved forward into the field, capping off reekers as he advanced. The screamers and runners had already met their fate—now he was just taking down shamblers and walkers. Just the same, it was stressful. Advancing upon an enemy that knew no fear and would never back down took a pair of brass ones, and knowing his family was only a few hundred feet away made that even harder. But he’d disgraced himself when he’d hesitated to jump in and save Kenny. So here in the darkness of night, where no one who wasn’t wearing night vision goggles would notice, Sergeant First Class Carl Ballantine set about making himself whole again.



July 27, 2019 1 comment

It’s far enough along now that Wolf and I elected to go ahead and alert the general public. These Dead Lands: Desolation is available for pre-sale and will be officially released on October 22, 2019. After that, the ball keeps rolling with These Dead Lands: Desperation, but more on that one after this guy flies. 🙂  R.C. Bray is on the hook for a 2020 audiobook release as well, so I’m sure some of you will enjoy that!


As the surviving members of the 10th Mountain Division shoots the rails on a gigantic train, Stilley has a conflict. But all he needs is a little faith.

“Not necessary. Get some rest.” Ballantine turned to Stilley. “What I said about your people is the real deal. If they can hold out long enough, we’ll get to them.”

“They dead, Sergeant,” Stilley said, and for once his voice was soft and barely audible.

“You can’t think like that, man.” Tharinger was the one who spoke. “You have to hold onto that shit. It gives you life, dude.”

Stilley looked at him, and his eyes were white against his dark skin. “You want me to lie to myself for a while, right?”

“Want you to have faith, bro,” Tharinger said. “Faith, man. We all need it now.”