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THESE DEAD LANDS: DESOLATION: Stilley + Flash-Bang = Dumbness

June 13, 2019 4 comments

In every unit, there’s always one dogface who just doesn’t get it. And his name is usually Stilley. As in, Craig T. Stilley.


“Man, that shit’s gonna wake up Kenny,” Hartman said.

“Yeah. World’s gone to hell, and all we have to worry about is a kid getting enough sleep,” Tharinger said from the back.

Guerra turned to look at him, irritated by the comment even though he had kind of been thinking the same thing himself. “You’re all heart, Tha—”

He was cut off by a piece of metal that bounced off his helmet. Stilley, Tharinger, and Guerra all stared at the flash bang grenade in Stilley’s hand, dumbfounded. Somehow, Stilley had pulled the pin and managed to let go of the safety lever at the same time.

Stilley’s eyes were as wide as silver dollars. “Yeah, like I didn’t mean to do that…”

Drop it, you idiot!” Guerra thundered. Stilley dropped it to the floorboard and pulled his knees to his chest. At the same time, Hartman wrenched the wheel to the right and stood on the brakes without being told. Guerra threw open the Humvee’s heavy door with all his strength and managed to get it ajar about halfway before the grenade went off like a thunderclap right behind his seat.