In a sudden explosion of lightning fast activity, Earthfall 2: The Mission Continues is now out and available. Paperback editions to follow at a later date, but for now…it’s over on Amazon.

I hope someone out there likes it.

  1. Alex
    April 1, 2019 at 1:38 am

    Good read.

    I love the idea of calling the Harmony forces nickname Echoes.

    Overall Colonel Fox actions see some need to do options one is check and secure all Replenishment Sites make sure they lockdown and assign a detachment and link them directly by jury rig Harmony net also with drones can set up a line of coms get some basic coms running.

    With this line of communications one of the UAVs likely to get a attempt hack into it as a signal coming from a intact NORAD feed.

    I have a idea who started the war trying to prevent it.

    A lone Air Force General who worked on Project Sky Shield a Missile Defense System that a rocket payload malfunction on take off and mistaken for a disguise ICBM trigger a auto launch setting off the war.

    Harmony is not alone there is Salvation using the Sky Shield System might be able to restore communications the missiles bound direct for Harmony and other Bunkers were intercepted as well others before the Sat overheated.

    Hope Base was built under the cover of NORAD a modern bunker he was down here working on getting the systems online when word came down and sealed themselves in as well as all NORAD personnel except the General and a select few promoting him from Colonel to General and commander of Hope as missile hit.

    If only they had more time Sky Shield would have stop the war in the end it was the cause of it.

    At least it bought some time to hunker down and for families to reach the bunker still meaning Sky Shield not protecting other locations to buy the time a missile hit the link and EMPs going off Harmony never got the full picture of the war.

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