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Released: The Remains of Yesterday

March 28, 2018 1 comment

For those who might have some minor interest, The Remains of Yesterday is now available on Amazon. It’s a bit quirky in that there are no exploding trucks, hordes of zombies, or caravans of giggling maniacs featured in its pages. But pain, pathos, and regret most certainly are! This short serves as connective tissue between Earthfall and Earthfall 2, and sets the stage for the latter work.

The Remains of Yesterday

March 15, 2018 1 comment

It’s all about the Old Guard, namely CSM Mulligan and MG Benchley taking care of business ten years too late. Not a ton of action, but for those more interested in life in Harmony after the Sixty Minute War, it should be worthwhile. Also serves as a bridge between Earthfall and Earthfall 2.

Artwork by Jeroen ten Berge.