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Hurry Up, Damn It!

I swear to God, the Japanese economy expands faster than ACX can release an audio book!



  1. Alex
    November 21, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    So whats up. You know speaking on it how would United States Pacific Command deal with zombies in Japan, Korea and Australia. Japan a death trap and we set up a line maybe save south Korea still everyone in China heading south and NK no idea but all it takes is one and then million man army of infected. Then the DMZ the defense line we can use the 7th Fleet hmmm currently have three contested fronts Eurasia, Far East and North America we have to hold onto Middle East for fuel sadly. How about a These Dead Lands overseas US forces in the Pacific in there fighting retreat out of Asia.

    We need to pick our battles and pull out where we can’t. We can’t help them if we can’t help ourselves. Still we can save Korea but Japan I’d get out of the cities we pull back to Okinawa and relocate everything there. While Special Forces carry out recon, hit and run and extraction. Still I remember you saying they can walk underwater. Wonder from South Korea to Japan. Normally I say carpet bomb a kill zone but too many civies and Tokyo just too much.

    JSDF at least took the brunt of this sadly so we can dig in or pull back and cluster up and make a stand or move to safety and launch from there.

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