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And Now, For Something Completely Different…

…how about some Self-Contained Exploration Vehicle designs from none other than Singapore’s finest graphic artiste, the intrepid Marc Lee? This is to inform the cover art for the upcoming Earthfall 2, and I offer two pictures for you to contemplate.

First off, the initial draft, created with the simple guidance of “base it off a HEMT-T.” (And a HEMT-T is the acronym for Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck.)

Revisions followed, of course. Likely fearing a neverending circle jerk of “Well, yeah, but it’s really more like this…”, Marc responded with a series of potential uses for the rig:

Now of course, this doesn’t match what’s in my head, but what I see isn’t necessarily translatable into actionable artwork. What I see is something crossed between the Landmasters from Damnation Alley and the vehicle from Ark II. And if that isn’t an unholy union of absolute nonfunctionality, I don’t know what is. So I’ll just nod and accept Marc’s suggestions and go back to writing. Anyway, cover artwork is probably the only exciting thing about the writing process, so I hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into a rather desultory future.



  1. Alex
    April 22, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Cool. I always saw it as a giant Mars rover with guns and shielding

    So whats the plan for Earthfall 2 unless NORAD survived as lets face it focus all fire on primary as NORAD kinda redundant or Hawaii survive or Alaska it own nation after the Winter War now a Cold War of the Cold between the Remnants.

    I wonder what kinda base alternations and personnel or is this remastered or what tell me I must know.


    Also still waiting for These Deads Lands still hoping to see the US Siege of Europe funny how the old Cold War line of bases basically made us pin between two large hordes well at least England makes it out alright I sense as my friend has a zombie plan to the castles but in all honest there are more defendable positions plus can close off areas it will be tight but England will prevail and freed up to help us out of Germany

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