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Single Tree and The Dead


The horde kept growing.

Over the course of several days, Single Tree was literally surrounded by a pulsing mass of the dead. All the razor wire had been trampled flat, and the trenches had been filled to capacity with squirming dead bodies. A great number of the zombies trudged back out into the desert after finding nothing that piqued their interest, walking past the fortified town as they continued their search for living prey. But several thousand managed to cross over the HESCO barriers and push against the unyielding steel walls the surrounded the town, as if trying to find a way in. It was almost as if they could sense the presence of the living on the other side, but they weren’t coordinated enough to try and develop a mound that could threaten to overcome the tall partitions.

Despite this, they lingered. Moving along the long expanse of the walls, they rubbed against it with their shoulders, as if trying to discover a way past them. Even when faced with the open expanse of the desert, they still turned and paralleled the walls, rubbing and scuffing against them in a bid to discover some variant or irregularity they could exploit.

Time was on the side of the dead.


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