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Quick Excerpt from The Last Town 5: Fleeing The Dead

As the fair desert hamlet of Single Tree, California completes its fortifications and the townspeople await the legions of the dead, Detective III Reese and his LAPD and National Guard comrades still have to find a way out of Hell Angeles. To set up this excerpt, the group has been forced out of hiding and are trying to make to the Santa Monica Pier. In the middle of the day. While driving around in a very noisy but durable National Guard five-ton truck.

Not the most stylish of rides…but it does get the job done.


As the civvies took their positions, Reese got up and turned, facing outward, his rifle already shouldered. Plosser had been right. Ahead, a gaggle of several dozen stenches lurched toward the truck, drawn to it like bees to honey. Bates was apparently eager to hasten the meeting, and he pushed down on the throttle. The five-ton truck obliged by accelerating toward the stenches. Even though they were facing down an object whose flight they hadn’t a chance in Hell of altering, the zombies surged forward. The faster ones picked up the pace, hurrying to their own end.

The truck didn’t even slow down when it hit the first wave, plowing right through the six or seven runners that charged the vehicle. When it hit the main body of the dead herd, it began to rock from side to side; not because of the mass of dead bodies braining themselves against the truck’s extended bumper and winch, but because of the squirming corpses that were being crushed beneath the truck’s forty-something inch tires. Reese had to hold on tight to prevent himself from being hurled over the side.

“Oh my God,” Marsh moaned, before vomiting over the side of the railing.

“Crap, Detective—you gonna be like this on the boat?” Thanh asked.

Marsh made to respond, but his reply was transformed into a gurgling roar as he vomited again.

“Attaboy, Marsh!” Plosser said. “Give them just what they’re looking for: a nice, hot lunch!”

The Last Town 5: Fleeing the Dead, the second to final entry in the serial, should be out at the end of the month or in early July. Stay tuned, as always.

  1. John G.
    September 7, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Ok, nobody else seems to care, but I’ll ask the question anyway… Is TLT 5 ever going to be released. The end of June is history, July and August are gone. Here we are in September and no sign of TLT5. It’s been nine months since TLT 4 came out. This series of installments has been like an itch I can’t scratch. I just want it to be done so I can remind myself to never become invested in a serialized book again.

    • September 7, 2016 at 11:06 pm

      It will, when I’m happy with it. And also when I can get a break from my disabled son. I’m sure you’ll agree that his welfare should come before a zombie story, yes?

  2. John G.
    September 8, 2016 at 8:11 am

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry about your son.

  3. Pete
    February 24, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    Take care of your son Stephen. Nothing more important.
    quick question. What happened to the movie? it looked like a great start.

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