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The Gathering Dead

For those who might be interested, I’ve placed The Gathering Dead for sale at 99¢. Tell all your friends! The link is: http://www.amazon.com/Gathering-Dead-Zombie-Apocalypse-Novel-ebook/dp/B004SYAY2S

In related news, I continue to work on These Dead Lands: Desolation, before turning the remainder of the product over to the erstwhile Scott Wolf for his tender ministrations. Additionally, The Last Town #5 is in the pipeline, as well. After that, I imagine I’ll be diving head-first into The Retreat 5, for which I do not yet have an episode title. I have read the first one-third of Craig DiLouie’s first draft, and it’s bangin’–the Klowns are moving up the social ladder now, with disastrous results for the battalion. Despite all the gore, all the guns, all the mayhem, it promises to be good, clean fun.

That is all! (For now.)

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