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A couple of posts about my upcoming novel Charges, which is now available for pre-order. It’s not due to drop until September 30th, but clicky the linky to get in line!

First order of business: I hope this will be an important book in my retinue, and an important book needs an important cover. After fooling around with Photoshop for a couple of weeks trying to get the look that I wanted, I finally said “To Hell with this!” and went to the grand master himself, Jeroen ten Berge. I think this was probably the fastest cover I’ve ever accepted, and here it is:


And not to diss those who like dead tree editions, here’s the paperback cover, as well! (Final product description text to come, obviously.)


Here’s the initial product description, which I already want to change a bit:

It Was the End of Days.

The world had less than seven hours to prepare. When it hit, the coronal mass ejection from the sun rolled back hundreds of years of technological innovation. Airplanes fell from the skies. Power grids crashed. Even electrical cabling was turned to slag. No internet. No cable TV. No electricity. No radio. No modern day conveniences of any kind, from fancy European sedans to smart phones to clean, running water. The entire world is plunged back into the Dark Ages in less than a second, courtesy of the most powerful Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) event in recorded history.

Television development exec Tony Vincenzo has always lived a high-society life, first in Los Angeles, now in Manhattan. As New York City tears itself apart in an orgy of violence, Vincenzo has to leave his high-floor luxury condominium on Central Park South’s Billionaire’s Row in order to return to his wife and young son in the Hollywood Hills overlooking LA. But the only way to get there is to walk, and Vincenzo is no Joe Survivalist—he’s the kind of guy used to the trappings of the good life. While society unravels all around him, he has to not only make it out of New York alive, but across the entirety of a nation descending into feral madness.

His journey becomes more complex when he commits a truly selfless deed, and winds up with two young charges: seven-year-old Daniel, an autistic boy ill-equipped for a life of hardship, and his sassy four-year-old sister, Gabriella. Together, the trio will need every stroke of luck they can find to persevere in the lawless lands that lie ahead of them…and survive the brutality of the serial killer Roth who pursues them.

Lastly, for those that might be curious, this is the route Tony Vincenzo has to take to get back to his family in Los Angeles:

It’s A Long Road (with apologies to Jerry Goldsmith and Dan Hill for ripping off the title to the First Blood theme song)