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Three Five-Star Reviews for THESE DEAD LANDS: IMMOLATION

Wow, this is great–some folks must’ve speed-read this thing!




It’s always gratifying to see comments like this. Have to give some props to my co-author, Scott Wolf. While I know the Army’s aviation branch very well, he certainly brought a lot more to the table with his real-world experience as a Green Beret and, prior to that, his time as an infantryman with the 82nd. It really made a lot of difference, and my hat’s off to him.

Moving on with The Last Town #3, and hope to have it out soon! Thanks for all your support, folks.

  1. Allen Rod
    May 20, 2015 at 1:51 am

    Hello just started reading: ‘These Dead Lands: Immolation’ I have to say yours is the only Zombie book I’ve pick up and consider a realistic zombie nightmare.

    But then I come here from the Shadows to ask what ever happen to the US Navy? Note half way through. But of course read something happen in Europe that gave us a bit warning. But then I realize this is only part of the story. Making me think Book 2 might cover Europe considering the US forces stationed overseas when this nightmare going down plus the difficult fight of a massive fighting retreat and running away against the millions of undead plus the Air Force with no place to land and the tanker planes only stay up and refuel each other so long before needing to come down. Situation worse case its up to the navy to make a difference with their limited resources.

    Can’t wait for two. Keep up the epic work

    • May 24, 2015 at 10:16 pm

      Why, thank you for the kind words. 🙂 The Navy is out there, of course, they just didn’t get a slice of the action in this book–not a huge Navy presence in the middle of Pennsylvania, aside from the support facility where they got the trains. Believe me, though, Mister Wolf is unlikely to allow me to pass them by. Even though he’s Army, he’s into making sure the “real world” makes its presence known as much as possible, while dealing with the total fantasy world of the zombie apocalypse!

      • Allen Rod
        May 25, 2015 at 12:18 am

        Thank you sir I was honored also reading Earth fall now.

        I really hope to see overseas and how bad it is in Europe being most of our forces station near Germany

        I heard from a friend if zombies break out he’s heading to one of the many castles across the UK but my concern is US forces in Germany we can move the NAVY to support Belgium and concentrate our strength but we likely squeeze between two forces plus NAVY scattered all over.

        Worse case is to head to Rota Naval Station

        This is all hypothetical of course but the main point I see is should we stay or run home after all this is likely to be more than the US forces likely NATO doing what it was mean’t for only with zombies

  2. Allen Rod
    May 28, 2015 at 11:48 pm


    I hope I’m not bothering you on the side

    Just wondering on the side as Reekers, Runners, Rollers and Crawlers. Are we going to see any new types of zombies down the road as I notice in the novel some people bit but never said if we stop the infection or did what we had to to those that escape.

    As we never saw how fast the infection spreads to take effect could be either way as level of exposure might be hours since we weren’t shoot on site level and had standard hazmat level.

    I feel like someone could do something well crazy with the virus as in the TV series ‘The Last Ship’ and create super zombies down the road and might need RPG to bring it down but then all resident evil level there.

    Plus there’s animals last thing I want to see is hounds coming after me to feed.


    So what are your thoughts on NATOs response to zombie outbreak in Europe?

    Plus any chance we can have the new USS Gerald R. Ford can be press into service for the emergency and see service just in time.

    • June 2, 2015 at 9:13 am

      No, no bother. 🙂 I’ll have to discuss the NATO stuff with Mr. Wolf. My idea of the infection in this particular series is that once an individual has been bitten, they’ll expire from the ensuing infection and then arise as one of the dead. I would say hours, if not a couple of days.

      It’s unlikely there will be “new” zombies–I’ve experimented with that in past products, and the response is mostly negative. Readers seem to want to see shambling, mindless corpses–even fast ones can be too much.

  3. Allen Rod
    June 3, 2015 at 12:31 am

    That’s good I know you busy and all. Thanking you for taking some time to reply.

    Plus not likely to do any of it but never hurts to ask am I right. Besides someone else fight the war on the undead like NATO and with any luck a French Admiral like Behind Enemy Lines and politics we can’t use our big guns till its too late and by them we lost west and east Europe and funny how the cold war lines of US bases is a strong set up but the Air Bases well they were design for a Soviet invasion into west Berlin and counter attack in east.


    Yeah so all that’s left is human enemies besides maybe 2 to 3 billion strong horde. Will animals be able to be infected as so far I see no dogs but bugs stay away like animal sense. Hmmm that could be useful in the early days a guard dog just saved that Marine life as it tries to run away.

    Still we could end up unleashing something trying to find a immunity by testing on animals.

    Well then the head mines watch were you step on a head as its still alive because the brain intact


    By the hate hate to bring this up as don’t want to jinx things in the Philippines. But I China is dying and someone getting ready to jump ship. Now in mind here this crazy but the idea around this those islands they have taken can in your case serve as a bastion they pull out and move to the islands to strengthen their foothold while leaving the mainland to purge and save their best and elite forces and select people to die to save themselves and establish a secure foothold of course no one hopes those zombies don’t rise from the oceans. Kinda a new China of course preplan or thought as they already planned to jump ship to their new luxurious nation and restart with the firepower to protect it. But I’m not sure but just a thought to note.

    While in the Philippines my friend knows the cities are doom but they can put up a more effective resistance because of terrain he says hes running for the mountain and the nature perfect for their commandos and forces to move.


    Reading Earthfall gave me a idea for a new human strong while close to I-Day Area 51 it does serve as a secure fortress against the hordes and while its design to hide its main asset is its self sufficient as design to rebuild the US in nuclear war can now serve as a bastion let alone support our main land forces with badly needed material and supplies to maintain combat operations as a crazy thought.


    Hey I’m a bit out of date on military protocol and all but do they still allow kids on base.

    I was with my dad on base when little even got him kick off the humvee and so on he was part of the 1-158th or 1st Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment (Attack), headquartered at Conroe, Texas. My dad was lucky to never have to fight got close to sent and reactivated after 9/11. I know when zombies go down you worry about your family. But if you have to whats more important the safety of your son or family. I read that part where that side they hide from us. I’ve seen it my dad if I’m any hint as I’ve felt it. Know that soldier side of him. He pick us over his military career and work as a engineering contractor while on duty servicing Apaches. One time he fix a Apache with a water hose to fix a bad fuel line as he landed in a advance auto parts parking lot because he was checking every single one of his birds and had to land and borrow a water hose to patch a problem. The base is open from all sides and isolated my dad was bury near the base after he died heck 2/3rds ended up at the wrong funeral because he got loss.

    I wanted to say thanks showing their hidden dark side of a soldier in combat. Ever after all the years in inactive when someone came at me why I was playing my dad came out of nowhere and on him both hands like his around the neck.

    Every soldier has something worth fighting for and when you threaten it god help them.


    Well when the zombies come the resistance will be ready we will fight with our fist and maybe a crowbar or bat to be on the safe side. By the way been thinking on reactivating the old medieval armor makes us harder to bite of course more heavy so we need some tick layers to cover or wear some cushion padding as a slight protection of the wrist and hands plus maybe legs as crawlers no no not a chew toy.

  4. Gaz A
    June 25, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    Loved the book. I’ve just finished it and already looking for another fix. Any plans for a follow up?

    • June 28, 2017 at 10:38 am

      Yes, been working on it for a while. Takes a long time to generate those books, as they’re extremely technical and I’m working with a co-author. Not really happy with what I’ve got to date, though. Very static and has a strong sense of deja vu.

  5. Alex
    June 28, 2017 at 10:55 am

    I understand can’t wait saw the train the fight long for over the road to NORAD. Still one question why not get the pres to NORAD and hitch a ride from there to Bliss as can get a bird from the Air Force Academy plus wasn’t NORAD even if outdated design for this.

    Next is the major issues is food, water and fuel. Likely Alaska ok out of all this mostly every zombie plan person’s head for Alaska and help with the meat grinder on traffic filled roads there. Like England ok and maybe Canada as best decentralized populations hmmm I see something forming likely since Europe happening we had months they next door dug in and ready as my friend says they are plus plenty of castles to duck and cover in going haha come and get this zombies plus swords and shields can’t wait to see that. Still China a death trap with a billion and that party jump ship to there islands. Russia well thank goodness for the cold war. Likely have to relocate the United Nations to Hawaii.

    My main concern is formation of Apocalypse cults crazy bas that can’t take it and try to take a whole lot of people with them before they go.

    Texas and Alaska are the key to our fuel and food problem likely given the situation a Air Force, General at NORAD she’s in charge but likely sending him to Bliss as a safety decentralized method. Likely something bigger going on as if not someone stop the Pres and most of the COG likely sleeper cells and others trying to go out one last glory before they go as nothing else I bet. So much unknowns. By the way I see a chance to retake New York and turn it into a fortress. Still can’t see what happening in Europe before the attack. Given we had months and NORAD was a fortress means we had time to secure a few areas.

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