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THE LAST TOWN #2: Single Tree Gets Its First Zombie!

September 12, 2014 2 comments

Unedited at the moment, but the final should be rolling back to me by the end of next week. 🙂 PO Hailey, of the Single Tree PD, has just arrived at a drugstore where a customer dropped from a coronary. Aside from this being incredibly bad news for a pharmacy, it also serves as an entre for a certain Rex Morte Articulus

The AED chirped, and then began issuing verbal instructions on how to place the pads. Hailey didn’t wait to listen to the automated instructions. He began attaching the pads to the man’s chest as the pharmacy assistant finished with his assisted breathing and sat up.

“Okay, let’s shock him,” he said, wiping his mouth.

Old Man Whittaker bolted upright then, startling everyone. Hailey instinctively lurched away, and he fell on his ass, his back slamming into the side of a display. Packages of condoms pelted him, and he wondered if he should pick up a few boxes, in case he met up with Suzy later. The assistant pharmacist laughed and grabbed Whittaker’s shoulders as his wife sobbed.

“Hey, hold on there, fella!” the assistant pharmacist said, laughing again. “Got some juice in you for a guy who’s ticker just stopped!”

Whittaker’s head snapped toward the pharmacist, and for a moment, the old man just stared up at him. Hailey pushed himself back to his haunches, and he thought the expression on the old man’s face was odd. Blank, sort of shell-shocked, without any sort of awareness of what had just happened. Hailey wouldn’t be surprised if the old man didn’t remember a thing, and any second now, he was probably going to ask who the hell had been hitting him in the chest with a sledgehammer.

Old Man Whittaker asked no such thing. He just grabbed the assistant pharmacist’s head with both hands and pulled him close, as if to give him a bear hug, or perhaps a kiss on the cheek. Instead, he sunk his teeth into the man’s neck and ripped out a huge chunk of flesh. The pharmacist let out a scream that quickly turned into a gurgle as a small fountain of blood covered his chest and Old Man Whittaker with crimson droplets. The old man actually chewed the flesh in his mouth and swallowed it convulsively before pulling at the pharmacist again, his mouth opening wide, exposing blood-stained teeth. The pharmacist tried to tear himself out of the old man’s grip, mewling like a lost kitten as he pressed his right hand against the horrible wound in his neck. Blood pulsed between his fingers in arterial spurts. The old man hissed and redoubled his attempts to pull the man toward him.

The Last Town #2…

September 6, 2014 1 comment

Coming soon!

The Last Town #2: Preparing for the Dead

The Last Town #2: Preparing for the Dead