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Harold Ramis: RIP

I was 22 when Ghostbusters came out, and had just graduated high school when Caddyshack hit the screen. And more tellingly, Animal House taught me the ways of the world in 1978. All of them, and several more, came at least in part from the great Harold Ramis, who shuffled off this mortal coil yesterday. People more readily remember Bill Murray in many of these films, but it was Ramis that helped make Murray great.

The duo apparently had a major falling out after the filming of Groundhog Day, and while no one really seems to know why, it’s unclear if they ever kissed and made up. But after everything Ramis did for Murray, I hope that the former’s demise has at least taught the latter a hard lesson: don’t be mean to the people who love you.

Found this illustration elsewhere yesterday, and to me, it’s quite poignant:

Harold Ramis RIP

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  1. Fred E. Killinger
    March 8, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    Now that Bill Murray is Mr. “serious actor” he seems to want to leave his past movies behind, but the simple truth is that if Harold Ramis had not brought him to the light with the big movies he was in, Mr. Murray may well not be where he is today! On another note, cannot wait for you to finish up some of your projects, especially the sequel to the Gathering Dead series and especially the new Immolation series! Good hearing from you Stephen, it seems like years since you began posting again!

  2. MarcW
    March 9, 2014 at 10:55 am

    Wow! Harold Ramis. Ramis had given so much to our generation. Anything I could say would not measure to the man. I grew up on the man’s wit, it is an integral part of my experiences. I grew up on his movies. Animal House in particular was special as it was a bond between myself and my uncle… all because of Mr. Ramis. Thank you, sir! I will sincerely miss you.

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