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December 3, 2013 3 comments

Retreat 2 Banner
A quick little ditty from THE RETREAT, EPISODE #2:

The doors to the truck’s trailer had opened, and people boiled out from inside its depths. Ragged clothes. Ritual self-mutilation. Ornate decorations crafted from body parts, many still bloodied. They brought with them the stink of death, and just to make sure everyone knew the Klowns had arrived, they had a cloud of black flies as escort.

Soldier booyyyyysss, oh our little soldier booyyyyysss!” one of them sang in a high, chuckling falsetto. He was a hugely obese, bald-headed man whose pasty skin was covered with bloodied handprints. “We’ll be so true to youuuuuuuuu…” As he belted out his perverse rendition of the early 1960s hit, the fat man hefted a gore-encrusted hatchet, raising it over his head. He ran straight toward Marsh, his huge belly and sagging man-tits bouncing with each step.

More to come, of course…