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Turow In A Row, Again

April 11, 2013 4 comments

"Self-Publishing? We don't need no stinking self-publishing!"

“Self-Publishing? We don’t need no stinking self-publishing!”

Seems that the ever-adroit and much-beloved Scott Turow, president of the so-called Authors Guild, has stepped into it, once again.

You might be inclined to believe that the Authors Guild–and its titular leader, Scott Turow–would be interested in protecting authors from the land-grab tactics of traditional publishing (purists demand the term “trade publishing” be used, but fuck ’em, sez I). This is so hilariously far from the mark that it’s almost beyond me to articulate it. Suffice to say, the Guild (and Mr. Turow!) are more interested in protecting guilded cages than anything else.

But rather than bore you all with retelling past events, I’ll allow those who are substantially more accomplished at such activities do all the heavy lifting:

Check out David Gaughran’s wonderful deconstruction of Turow’s argument, and his rather pointed illustrations of Turow and the Author Guild’s heinous double-standards.

Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler, the Abbot & Costello of self-publishing, do a bit of dragon slaying of their own.

Really, Turow. With a guy like you pinch-hitting for the rest of us, no wonder most writers are broke.

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THE FARM Now Available!

April 10, 2013 14 comments

The FarmMy “Gathering Dead” short story, The Farm, is now available on Amazon, for a mere 99₵. It’ll appear on other platforms over the coming days, and please, forgive the abbreviated description–that was just a placeholder I dropped in, but neglected to correct before it was published. I’ll get that squared away as soon as I can.

Will be MIA in Texas all of next week, so y’all have yourself some fun while I’m away!

And The Credits Roll…

April 4, 2013 1 comment

Today, as many of you doubtless know, film critic and American Pundit-at-Large Roger Ebert died.

Like a lot of people, I “knew” Roger from those halcyon days of yore, when he ran a subforum in the universe formerly known as CompuServe. While we had some interesting exchanges and I grew to admire the man’s intellect and keen insight, I wasn’t one of the forum participants who knew him the very best. But my Showbiz Media Forum pal and indie screenwriter W.C. Martell did, and he wrote a fantastic eulogy over on his blog, sex-in-a-sub. (The blog is clean; the title stems from Bill’s success in the 1990s writing submarine movies.)

So without further ado: RIP: Roger Ebert.

I’m sure Siskel saved him a seat.

April is Autism Awareness Month…

April 1, 2013 8 comments

Left With The Dead, A "Gathering Dead" Novella

Art for Left With The Dead, A “Gathering Dead” Novella. Artwork by Jared Rackler

…and both Gartrell and McDaniels want you to push Left with the Dead on everyone you know, because all proceeds for this month will be donated to Autism Speaks. The crusty first sergeant might have failed in his mission, but you can complete yours, and without fighting the dead. Autism is everywhere, folks. Do what you can to help the professionals figure it out, so parents with those afflicted might one day find some respite from the constant worry that always gnaws at them. And bonus points for helping those who have fallen victim to the disorder, as well!

For myself, my little boy was diagnosed with autism when he was about three. He doesn’t speak, has some emotional distress conditions, but he’s beautiful and happy. Poppa Knight and Momma Knight ship him off to the best schools in the area, and we keep him growing and learning as best as we can. Despite everything we do, though, his road will be a hard one. So give a kid a hand and tell folks there’s this little book out there that might add some pennies to the war effort, eh?

I don’t normally post personal pictures and the like here, but I’ll bust open the piggy bank this time. Say hello to my son, Brian.