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THE GATHERING DEAD Score Suite!!! (aka, My Mind is Blown)

March 29, 2013 4 comments

Courtesy of one rather excellent composer named Sean Beeson, let your ears feast on this “audition” for the score of The Gathering Dead! It’s just mind-blowing! Hugh Howey only got a main title for his WOOL, but I got a suite! BOOYAH! (Though the title music for WOOL is pretty damned good too, I must say.)

Fo’ Shizzle!

The ever-humorous Derek Paterson sent me the following link. Do view and experience mirth and merriment. And remember, political correctitude doesn’t live here.

Knight’s Landing: Gizoogled!

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March 24, 2013 4 comments

The Gathering Dead

The Gathering Dead

Just a little heads-up for those of you who might have put off reading The Gathering Dead. Wait no longer, because for five short days, it will be free on Amazon, starting March 25 through March 29. Already bought it? Well, I thank you for your patronage, and urge you to recommend the book to your friends. Look at it this way: the price will certainly be right,and if they hate it, they got what they paid for.

Sidebar, Yer Honor: Earthfall has been doing some great business. Thanks for all of you who helped make it such a success. I’m very happy that I’m able to move into a new genre and pick up a passel of readers who have never seen my stuff before, but without you guys piling on for the initial buys, it wouldn’t have climbed so far up the charts in such a short time. You’re all good folks, even if you are a bit deranged to think I write good stuff. (And if you’ve read it, please leave a review!)

Still looking to push The Farm out next week, but with tax season upon me, it might be delayed until the following week. Not to worry, though. It’ll be along quite soon!

Craig DiLouie Reviews EARTHFALL

March 19, 2013 6 comments

EARTHFALL Print Cover...ain't it purty?

EARTHFALL Print Cover…ain’t it purty?

Something that I totally forgot to crow about…the inimitable Craig DiLouie posted a review of Earthfall! It’s a great honor to have a guy as savvy and brilliant as Craig give my work a thumbs-up, and for those who don’t know his work, check out the truly horrific and ultra-detailed Tooth and Nail and his excellent Infection series, The Infection and The Killing Floor. Craig also just announced a prime-time publishing deal with Simon & Schuster for his upcoming novel, Suffer the Children, which sounds pretty damned frightening. (The book, of course–not the deal.)

Here’s some of what Craig has to say about Earthfall:

[Knight] raises the technical and military detail in his books completely off the Michael Crichton scale and to the point of fetish, which is good for me as a reader, because I love a tense, action-packed apocalyptic story told with extreme realism. On every page, you know you are being told a story by a guy who knows his business. The all-terrain fighting machines the Harmony explorers use to cross the wastelands are virtually characters in the book, and I loved every minute of screen time they had. They’re fantastic–the ultimate ROAD WARRIOR vehicles. Knight’s attention to detail and realism also means his characters don’t do anything that has you slapping your head in disbelief. From the steady Captain Andrews to the haunted veteran Mulligan, they’re stark, likable, tough.

Thanks a million, bro!

Coming Soon: THE FARM, A “Gathering Dead” Short Story

March 16, 2013 2 comments

The Farm
What happened to the troops after Gartrell was whisked out of New York City? Well, we find out about the remains of one unit as they try hard to get back to their home post, Fort Drum…

EARTHFALL: Now In Print!

March 11, 2013 2 comments

EARTHFALL Print Cover...ain't it purty?

EARTHFALL Print Cover…ain’t it purty?

Well, it happened quicker than I’d expected, but Earthfall is now in print!

Link to the product in Amazon’s Create Space book area:

Should be available in other markets fairly shortly, and I expect it to be listed on Amazon with the Kindle title shortly.

And now…back to writing!

EARTHFALL Print Cover (and some non-related errata)

March 2, 2013 3 comments

The talented and just plain old über-cool Jeroen ten Berge turned in his cover for the print edition of Earthfall yesterday, and I have to say, it’s a nice one. For those who aren’t familiar with his work, he’s probably most widely known as Blake Crouch’s artist of choice–check out his covers for Blake’s excellent novels Pines, Abandon, and Snowbound, as well as the trendsetting illustration for RUN.

EARTHFALL Print Cover...ain't it purty?

EARTHFALL Print Cover…ain’t it purty?

Some thanks to Craig DiLouie for his cover blurb, and of course, the long-suffering Derek Paterson for his work on the product description, something I’m horrible at. Additional kudos to Joe LeBert, ultra-amazing author Fred Anderson, Scott Wolf, and ton of other folks.

And, oh yeah…thanks to those of you who bought Earthfall and actually liked it! It’s always a thrill to see a release creep up the charts, especially in a different genre.

Errata: the free period for White Tiger came to a close yesterday, and the numbers were almost 3,000 downloads in the US, and a surprising 685 in the UK. While giving away books for free seems like a dumb business move, it actually translated into some great sales–5 in the US in one day, and 14 in the UK. That’s a month’s worth of sales right there, and it’s also generated a few borrows through Amazon’s Prime program, for which I’ll get a couple of bucks as well. If this trend continues, Derek and I will have the best month ever for this book. Not a tough feat, since the highest sales numbers to date have been 21 in one month.

I’ve pulled The Gathering Dead from the other ebook sites and entered it into Amazon’s Prime program, as well. This gives me the opportunity to offer it for free, with the hope that it would spawn substantial sales of Left with the Dead and the two The Rising Horde books. I haven’t decided when–or even if–I’ll take this step, since The Gathering Dead is still my primary money-maker, but it is something to consider.

Anyway, that’s all for now, crew. Thanks for your patronage, and I hope this weekend is full of fun and excitement for all.