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Who Will Be #100?

July 19, 2012 5 comments

Wow, what an honor… The Gathering Dead stands at 99 reviews on Amazon! And even better, most of them are positive.

Who will write #100? I hope it’s a good one, but even if it’s not, it’s surprising to make it this far. I swear, sometimes I think I’m dreaming!

EDIT: And the 100th reviewer is: Steve Green! And it was a five star review, too. Thanks so much!


More trailer goodness. The third Black Hawk will be removed, as I feel it detracts from the scene and basically covers up all the devastation when the scene should be establishing it (plus, it’s inexplicably an Army Black Hawk with “Navy” on the side of it). Other changes before mixing, music, and sound effects: additional rotor blur and smoke, along with tweaked lighting, but this is basically the first sequence that shows NYC collapsing before the dead.

Other stuff is occurring as well, of course, but it has to cook for another 4-6 weeks before I can talk about it.

More to come!

THE GATHERING DEAD, Sequence 01, Shot 01 from Stephen Knight on Vimeo.


July 5, 2012 6 comments

Well, I finally have a very small clip to show, and when I say small, I really mean SMALL, in all caps. 36 frames of still-unfinished product, to be exact. Still more effects to add, rotor blurs, sound effects, music, etc., etc. … but at least I have something to show, right?

So here it is: a quick snippet from the incubating trailer for The Gathering Dead, which establishes NYC as the zombie hordes take over. And where are the zombies? Well, you’ll see them teeming in the empty streets below… eventually.

Stay tuned, folks.

The Gathering Dead Opening Animatic from Stephen Knight on Vimeo.

THE RISING HORDE: Vol. 1 In Paperback

THE RISING HORDE: VOL. 1 new coverWell, it took longer than I’d anticipated, but The Rising Horde: Volume 1 should be available in paperback in just a few days. The printer has finalized the release, and as soon as they list it on Amazon, B&N, and other retail sites, interested parties should be able to grab the first book pretty soon.

A new cover had to be generated to complete the effort, and I’ve attached a screenshot of it to the left of this text. I dig the Army SF troops silhouetted against the glowering stench… nicely done work executed by Jared Rackler.

And now… on to Volume 2!