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There’s some good stuff to talk about regarding my efforts to get The Gathering Dead into filmland, but…I can’t say anything yet. Which is annoying, but I don’t want to queer the deal. I just want to pass on to you guys that if you’re sufficiently motivated and don’t take no as a final answer, then you can get stuff done. There’s always someone willing to listen, and if you’re a persuasive guy–or if you know other folks who are even more persuasive–then stuff starts to happen.

Today, I share with you one of the preliminary storyboards I’ve received. This is for the trailer that I’m putting together with some Rhythm & Hues folks, and while this is far from a locked version, I think it’s decent enough to show. This is what McDaniels, Gartrell, and the rest of OMEN Team get into on their way to rescue Safire and Regina.

I’m told I’ll have animatics for this sequence in the next couple of weeks. Should be fun to see, if nothing else.

The Big Apple going down for the count

  1. joseph larosa
    April 11, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    way cool looking i think it captures the feel of the book.now after seeing that i am going to read the book again.

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