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The Rising Horde: Just Some Odds and Ends

I’m continuing to bang out the first draft of The Gathering Dead sequel, currently called The Rising Horde…though lately, I’ve been thinking of changing it to The Gathering Horde. What do you guys think? I’m averaging a good 3,000 words a day, which is a pretty healthy rate, I think. I have a hard-stop of October 20, as I need to deliver the draft to an editor for an initial pass, which is going to be an aggressive goal.

But hey. Life’s tough.

But while I should be writing about hundreds of zombies emerging from the surf around Padre Island, I’m going to loaf a bit and share some general errata with regards to the novel itself. Just so you guys can see what’s going on in my head, so to speak.

First off, music is key, and despite having a vast library of CDs and MP3s, I guess I needed something new and different to see me through. To the rescue: YouTube, and the scores to three video games, of all things–Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2 by newly-discovered Jamie Christopherson, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by Hans Zimmer (who I don’t usually care for) and his hardworking contributor, Lorne Balfe. Some of the music doesn’t quite fit thematically, but hey, it’s free and it’s working for me. Some cool cuts:

Takedown – CoD:MW2

Rangers Lead The Way – CoD:MW2, which is fitting since I have a BN from 75th Ranger on-station

Task ForceLost Planet 2

InfiltrationLost Planet 2

Wayne’s Theme/Title Lost Planet

Sortie/Mission BriefingLost Planet

Some good stuff here, really gets me going.

Other stuff–let’s see some pics!

McDaniels and Gartrell are part of Joint Task Force SPARTA (JTF-SPARTA) which is centered around defending a specific objective in Texas. The facility in question is already fairly remote–if you call being 10 or 20 miles south of Odessa as remote, and most people would probably agree with that. Here’s the location, marked with an X, courtesy of my fantastically mad Photoshop skillz…

JTF Sparta Location

Basically, it’s out in the middle of nowhere, which is a great change from the claustrophobic vertical environment of New York City. Nice and flat with limited obstructions and the ability to be converted into a full-on free fire range…which the task force will need.
But how to defend the facility, you might ask? I did too, and that’s where I asked a zillion and one questions and got some fantastic answers. Seems that since the usual things, such as suppressive fire from machineguns and indirect fire from arty isn’t much of a threat to thousands of zombies, the best thing to do is to deny them access. So that means lots of trenches, lots of fire, lots of smoke, and once they get through that–what, you didn’t think it was going to be that easy, right?–you need a really high berm and lots and lots of CONEX containers.

CONEX container

And add to that several rows of HESCO barriers, which are filled with earth and can serve as secondary barriers…

The finished product: a HESCO wall

There’s much more than just this stuff, of course…but that should give you an idea of what the task force has in mind, with regards to static defenses. I’ll come back in a bit and drop in some pictures of vehicles, weapons, and maybe a thumbnail of the forces arrayed against the encroaching dead…

  1. Paul Gross
    October 4, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    The Gathering Horde goes with The Gathering Dead. However, I think that the “gathering” part is already done. Now comes the “rise” of the hordes of walkers, zeds, window walkers, whatever you want to call them.

    Just my 2 cents…


  2. October 4, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    I haven’t heard the word “CONEX” since I worked in the Shipyard during my Navy days. It’s great how you get all the military lingo right, but your books aren’t military porn. You need to come to Thailand to teach me how to write 3,000 words in a day while maintaining a day job. My wife’s family will give you all the Som Tam you can eat.

  3. October 5, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Honestly I really like The Rising Horde better.

    What do zombies do? They rise when they turned into a zombie and they form up into hordes.

    Rise and Horde are very powerful words in this genre.

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