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Konrath To Everyone: Are You Dense?

Self-pub luminary Joe Konrath has another award-winning post detailing the merits of self-publishing versus traditional publishing over at his all-too-cool blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing (though it would take a hell of a snake oil salesman to convince me Konrath is a “newbie” at this game). Post in question is titled simply, Are You Dense? and targets those among us who routinely cast aspersions about folks who go the self-pub route.

One fiery bon mot I appreciate:

Only Joe Konrath and Amanda Hocking make good money self-pubbing.
First of all, anyone who spouts this nonsense is a lazy researcher, because it’s a simple Google search to find dozens of authors making good money.

Second of all, this statement could just as well be: Only Stephen King and James Patterson make good money legacy publishing.

If you had to take a shot to try to emulate my career, or try to emulate Stephen King’s career, you have a much higher likelihood of success by doing it my way.

What can I say, other than: Well said, Joe!

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