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No Limit, by Fred Anderson

No Limit

No Limit cover, by Jared Rackler

This time out, I’m going to introduce you guys to a fantastic thriller novel by my pal, Fred Anderson. No Limit is a technothriller that has its roots in science fiction, in the same vein as several bestsellers by Dean Koontz. Here’s the product description:

Poker player Matt Freeman knows life is a gamble, so when an oncologist offers an experimental gene therapy as a possible cure for the terminal cancer killing his eleven-year-old son Andrew, he takes a chance. The treatment works, and Matt feels like he’s beaten the house. His elation is short-lived, however, because Andrew is soon killed in a freak accident.

Nearly a year later, he is still struggling with his loss when a midnight phone call begins with a single electrifying word: “Daddy?”

He races into the Nevada desert to find Andrew not only alive, but in possession of an incredible new ability and on the run from those he calls “bad people.” Now Matt must protect his son from enemies with seemingly endless resources—and the willingness to turn Las Vegas into a battle zone.

This is a story that crackles right along at lightspeed, and it’s full of thrills and the occasional chill to keep you on your toes. But at its core, it’s the story of a man’s love for his son, and how that love is unconditional and completely limitless. I hadn’t expected to find such heart-warming elements in a book of this nature, but wow… there they were, and they added to the overall tapestry of coolness that permeates this book. So pick it up! It’s priced at the eminently reasonable 99¢ for this month only, so jump on it! Has a great cover by the super-talented Jared Rackler, too!

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