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Everybody Likes A Good Zombie Novel…

Taking time out from working on Hackett’s War to pass on that sales for The Gathering Dead are really zooming. I’m approaching the 70 downloads per week mark, which leaves all my other offerings in the dust. And it looks like it’s got great momentum; I haven’t seen any downturn, but of course, it’s only been up since March 21.

I did get one review that made me giggle, though:

TGD Review on Amazon

TGD Review on Amazon

It may not be much, but I did notice that out of all the other products this reader has reviewed, I’m the only one to get five stars. And this guy/gal looks like a real tough grader! But thanks for noticing the book was edited, I appreciate that. And thanks to all that bought the book! I hope it was just what you were looking for. If so, leave a review! If not–leave a review! If you hated it, I can take it like a man. Which means I’ll cry and rage in private.

And now… back to the war and Hackett.

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