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And Now For These Important Messages…

As you likely know by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock–or are a reanimated corpse, and don’t care about such things–a great “dialog” on indie publishing was revealed to the rest of the universe by Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler. While Konrath has been one of the major motivators for many folks to go indie and turn their back on traditional publishing, Eisler has gone one further: he’s turned down $500,000 to self-publish his next addition to the rather good John Rain series.

He turned down $500,000, you say? Why yes, yes he did. And in the discussion with Konrath, he’s not only revealed he’s not an idiot for doing so, but that he has balls of steel. A rational person does not take a step back from that kind of dough, and Eisler never comes across as anything but rational. So check out the dialog between these two guys, and you’ll likely come away informed and encouraged. A rare combination in this business.

But just in case you want to take a deeper dive into the growing standoff between indie publishing and traditional publishing, writing brainiac Dean Wesley Smith examines some of the finer complexities of the relationship. It’s no less encouraging than the Konrath/Eisler matchup, but Smith’s analysis is both sober and sound. I have to agree with one of his core arguments, and that is that Big Publishing isn’t going to puke all over itself and die. Some of the major houses may realign their business model to survive, while others face lingering diminishment and eventual implosion. But at the end of the game, both indie publishing and traditional publishing will coexist, though it remains to be seen who will be the senior partner.

Go ahead, read the blog posts. It’s time well-spent… unless you’re giving up time writing.

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