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So Why E-Books?

I guess it’s time for a little round of cheerleading.

Thankfully, I have the mainstream media in my corner on this one, which is an usual circumstance. It seems that in January 2011, sales of e-books trounced hard cover releases by a surprising margin, as detailed in a story by the Associated Press. To wit:

Helped by millions of Kindles, Nooks and other digital devices… e-sales doubled from $32.4 million in January 2010 to $69.9 million in January 2011.

Hardcover sales fell from $55.4 million to $49.1 million, and mass market paperbacks, a format that’s declined as baby boomers seek books with larger print, fell from $56.4 million to $39 million.

All I can say is… yowza! But it gets even better, when one of the seniors in the sacred hallways of Big Publishing whips out this bon mot:

The new numbers “pretty much reflect reality,” Simon and Shuster CEO and President Carolyn Reidy said Thursday, though she cautioned that e-sales tend to be especially high in January as customers test the new format.

Sounds like a bit of prevarication at the end of her quote to me, but hey, I’m biased. It’ll be interesting to see how the numbers continue to pan out, especially after Amazon lowers the price of its Kindle platform. Seems only likely that as the platform becomes cheaper to own, more and more folks will catch the electronic bug and start replacing paper with electrons.

I’m all for it, baby. Bring it on!

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