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It’s A Long Road…

Epubbing cheerleader and self-made rich guy, J.A. Konrath, has a sweet post about his epub cash flow at his great blog, A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing. I can hardly say Smilin’ Joe is a newbie any longer, since he’s pretty much at the vanguard of the epub empire at the moment.  But his writings do afford a guy a bright ray of hope, if nothing else.

I’d love to be telling you that my sales are in the Konrath sphere, but they’re not. In the past week, I’ve seen a rollback on units sold, even after reducing the price of City of the Damned from $4.99 to $2.99. I’m not taking it too seriously at the moment; there will be plenty of time for doom and gloom in the future. I entered into this with the understanding that it would be a long road, and that nothing is going to happen overnight.

So what are my gross sales so far?

From Kindle: $35.91.

From Nook: $4.04.

From Smashwords: 0! (Gotta love that one.)

Total: $39.95.

That’s $39.95 pre-tax, by the way. But that’s $39.95 more than I made on Family Ties, Ghosts, and City of the Damned in all of 2010, so from where I sit, I’m actually ahead of the game. My expectations are, of course, meager.

I also expect things to improve once The Gathering Dead is released, and things will doubtless move further in the right direction with the releases of Hackett’s War and Tribes. I’ve been releasing horror tales lately, but Hackett’s War and Tribes are adventure stories which, if the gods are with me, will find their way to a wider audience. Horror, like hard science fiction, is an acquired taste, and the marketplace for those products is a bit smaller than the more mainstream offerings I have on the racks. And from my three current offerings, the hard-boiled crime piece Family Ties is the big winner as far as overall sales go.

So when I read Konrath’s posts, I’m both thrilled and enlightened. It could happen to me. I’ve read some of Joe’s stuff, and he is a good, solidly professional writer. An obvious assessment, as he had Big Publishing interested in his works for years before going the epub route.

The good news is, I’m also a good, professional writer. And as long as I keep my eye on the ball, keep releasing titles every months, and keep my nose to the grindstone, then it’s just a matter of time before I find success. Or, as circumstances might dictate, success finds me.

And you too, I hope.

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