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Editing Fool, Redux

As I mentioned in the first post on this subject, I’ve never really enjoyed the whole editing experience, unless it leads me down a path left uncharted during the original voyage. With The Gathering Dead, that hasn’t exactly happened just yet, but I remain hopeful.

Since I’m still a troglodyte, editing the copy on computer for the first pass just doesn’t work as well as when I print it out and hack away at the text with a red pen. This is totally idiotic, I know; I should just suck it up and do everything on the computer. I mean, I wrote the damn thing on a computer, why not edit it the same way? And save some trees at the same time? I wish I knew the answer, but the thing is, if it’s not on paper… then I have a tough time doing the edit right.

What an interesting approach to epubbing…

The Red Pen, She Dances!

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