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Hackett’s War and Tribes: Final Cover Art!

One of the things that really gets me jazzed about all of this is being able to “see” your vision take shape vis a vis the cover art. I know I’ve already gone on and on and on about how important cover art is in getting prospective buyers to stop and stare for a moment, and I think Jared Rackler has done an outstanding job on every cover he’s made for me thus far. But these two covers are simply fantastic, and even though both have a military component to them, they are about as different from each other as night and day.

Hackett’s War is a tale of one man’s selfless dedication to his friends, contrasted against the demanding heritage of service the military endures. Jeremiah Hackett is a decorated former military officer with a long portfolio of missions accomplished and unhesitating, distinguished service to the United States of America. But when the government he serves fails to act upon the kidnapping of an old friend’s daughter and the brutal murder of her boyfriend, Hackett has no choice to intervene. Even though he is no longer “operational”–he retired from the U.S. Army and established his own security firm–his core belief is that the weak must be defended, and this belief is what compels him to come to his friend’s aid.

Hackett's War

Cover art for Hackett's War

Tribes is an entirely different kettle of fish. In the Antarctic, a sudden and severe earthquake shakes the remote scientific research facility known as McAndrews Station. Great fissures open in the earth, and from these fissures emerge something mystical, almost magical, something whose presence not only challenges the beliefs of the scientists at McAndrews, but also ignites a brutal competition between the United States and the People’s Republic of China. McAndrews finds itself caught in the center of a tug of war between two great nations as the scientists grapple to understand just how a tribe of Neanderthals has arrived in the forbidding Antarctic… and if they are, in fact, immortal.

Cover art for Tribes

I hope you’ll agree that both of these relay the spirit of the stories they are intended to support. I certainly do.

Final cover art for The Gathering Dead should be available tomorrow, and it promises to be wholly different from either of these. Stay tuned.

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