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Want to Write Full Time?

Want to write full time in the so-called “legacy” publishing business? You think your path to riches lies with publishers who will issue a low-ball advance against sales, and then pay you maybe 6-8% of each copy sold after you earn out? Want to wait for months for the checks to come in? Want to flip 10-15% to an agent for sending your work to an editor, when you could have done it yourself? (Yeah, even though the Big Six don’t allow unsolicited submissions, they buy more than a few of those things every year. Even at the Big Six, they have slush pile readers, just in case someone sends in a gem.) Want to be locked into a set amount of slots a year?

Well hey, it’s your career, cowboy. But just in case, check out this old gem from horrormeister Brian Keene. Even though it’s from 2008, everything he talks about remains the case today.

Chances are good you won’t really enjoy it. Reality is a hard-edged thing, and even if you’re as careful as possible, you’re going to get cut.

Now, contrast this with the path taken by one John Locke, the 99 cent king of Kindle. If I had to place a bet, I’d say that Keene might make more dough than Locke… but it sounds like Locke is having an easier go of it.

You read. You decide.

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