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Real quick like, because I’m still doing edits on The Gathering Dead

First Week's Kindle Sales

First Week's Kindle Sales

Ghosts wasn’t in the running for half as long as Family Ties, but I still managed to move 16 units total in about six days. This is my first time at bat, so I’m not sure if this is awesomeness in the making or not. But these were legit sales, and it sure felt good to be validated a bit.

Second Week's Sales

A full week in, Family Ties drops in sales, but Ghosts nicks upward… and City of the Damned comes in pretty strong despite its $4.99 price. But this is momentum, and I’m willing to sacrifice some Family Ties sales to see the others gain.

These numbers won’t make anyone’s jaw drop in shock, but I just wanted to show you folks what’s going on behind the scenes. Still far from Big Money, but it’s enough to get excited about for a couple of minutes each day.

Okay, back to the grunt work…

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