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But beyond covers… what else can we do to help influence buyers to pull the trigger and pick up our product?

Well, every shopper likes a decent price. But what, exactly, is a decent price?

My pricing strategy is this:

Works up to 15,000 words: 99 cents.

Works up to 40,000 words: $1.99.

Works up to 60,000 words: $2.99.

Works up to 100,000 words: $3.99.

Works over 100,000 words: $4.99.

I should point out that City of the Damned hangs in at 107,000+ words, and it’s moved exactly 4 times at that $4.99 price point as of this writing. I think it’s a bang-dead good book, and those who have read it before and after it went up on the innernets agree with me. But four purchases in six days? The temptation to drop the price is strong, but I want to hang tough on it for a while longer to make sure nothing else is getting in the way.

But the truth of the matter is, my lower priced offerings move more, and they’re short stories, less than 7,000 words each. Family Ties remains the big sweepstakes winner at the moment, and that is a situation which causes me to pause and think more about prices. 99 cents seems to be a sweet spot for a lot of readers.

I’m not alone in this assessment, as the Almighty Konrath so aptly demonstrates. Read all about his 99 Cent Experiment with his novel The List, which he dropped from $2.99 to .99. At the higher price point, he was moving about 43 units a day. After the drop, he started moving 620 units a day on Amazon. Read all about it HERE.

That, amigos y amigas, is something to think about, because as the book has climbed into the Kindle bestsellers list, it serves to advertise his many other works that are available for sale. Of course, we’re not talking Amanda Hocking numbers here, but heck… 620 sales a day? Do you sell that many ebooks? If you do, you can write my posts from now on!

Stuff to contemplate on this fine Sunday morning, as you play with your sons/daughters, the family pets, brew your coffee, or just recover from that tequila-fueled bender you went on Saturday night.

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