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Now that I had my story up and had one sale (in distant, jolly ole England), I needed to do something to start building up some traffic. And uh, sales.

I posted some saucy bon mots on several web sites I go to where there are interactive forums. I also let friends and other interested folks know via a couple of posts on my Facebook page. The end result was that in two days, I went from 1 sale in the UK to 8 in the US, for a total of 9 sales of Family Ties for that short week. No matter what you might think, a 900% increase in sales ain’t bad. Of course, we’re only talking a title that’s up for sale at 99 cents, which nets me 35 cents after costs. But that’s more than the story had ever earned while it was sitting on my hard drive.

I attribute the spike to my pals and amigos, those existing in cyberspace and meatspace. Clearly, eight of ’em ponied up their 99 cents, and some of them dropped me a line to tell me they liked the story. I asked for reviews, and now I have two for Family Ties, both five star.

I also advertised the story’s presence to trusted coworkers, all on the QT and very hush-hush. By the end of February, Family Ties had sold 12 times. Again, not a great amount of dough, but enough to develop some momentum. But I’ve hit the wall as far as publicity goes; this is a short story, not a full-on novel, so what’s a guy to do?

Kindle Boards is a pretty good place to start slinging your name around the innernets, and that can generate some heat. But I found posts there which also pointed me to other sites, such as Authors Den, which can supposedly send more traffic your way. And of course, more traffic equals more sales potential, so I’m all for it. Twice, even.

But that’s about it, for the moment. Which is not a bad thing in and of itself, as I knew this endeavor would take a while to grow. So after six days on the marketplace, I got 12 sales, all of them on Kindle; Nook and Smashwords gave me nothing.

But still… there was something else that needed to be done, something else that I could do to help generate interest…

Oh yeah. That piece of crap cover I did. You know, the old-timey one with the W subway leaving Queens.

Well, here’s the new one, and we’ll talk about what effect it had in the next post.

New Family Ties Cover

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