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It’s All Konrath’s Fault.

You can blame almost anyone for anything, and for snatching me away from the jaws of Legacy Publishing, I blame Joe Konrath.

I was content to wile away my years, firing story after story and novel after novel into the black hole called publishing. It was almost fulfilling, crafting a perfect query letter and sending it to dozens of literary agents. Most did not reply, but some asked for partials of the work in progress, or even — gasp! — full submissions, the entire manuscript, and whole enchilada. Boy, those were heady times.

Of course, after lots of waiting and prodding those agents for some response after sending in my work (waiting four to six months for a response is kinda dull, if nothing else), I would eventually get rejections. Some of them were quite nice, some of them the obvious form rejections. Well hell, this is what happens.

When you’re content to sit on your ass all day long waiting for some gatekeeper to get back to you, that is.

I’m an alpha guy, and sitting around twiddling my thumbs (actually, writing more and holding down a demanding, fulltime job in NYC at the same time) just loses its luster after a while. I don’t mean to bitch; almost everyone has had to wait to break into publishing. But the silence and general lack of enthusiasm exhibited by those folks on the other side was… well, annoying. Almost demeaning, actually.

So that’s when I decided to self-publish on Smashwords, then Amazon’s wonderful Kindle, and finally, B&N’s Nook. No one to wait on. No one to answer to. No one to share profits with.

So here’s where we begin, gentle reader.

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